Stain Guard Protection

Over 55 years ago, 3M made an important discovery that captured America’s attention: Scotchgard™ Protector. In a time of short-lived fads, consumers were ready for a long-term solution to help keep their fabrics looking good longer. The revolutionary stain repellent was instantly embraced and is now one of the most well known and trusted brands in stain removal and fabric protection.

How The Brand Became a Household Name

The original Scotchgard™ Protector was unsurpassed in protecting textiles—consumers were impressed with how the unique formula repelled liquids and prevented stains from damaging furniture, carpets and clothing. But as fabrics changed, so did the needs of our customers. 3M scientists proved their commitment to innovation by introducing more environmentally friendly formulas that deliver the same unparalleled results—protection against dirt and stains and the ability to repel liquids.

The Future is Bright

The Scotchgard™ brand name and its distinguished tartan plaid logo have become icons over the last 55 years. Today, the Scotchgard™ brand is synonymous with stain protection and sets the standard for environmental leadership across the globe. With a presence in 60 counties and growing, we’re exciting to help even more people keep their things looking great for years to come.

A Strong Brand Partnership

The Scotchgard™ brand has more than half a century of proven innovation, leadership and dedication to our customers. From floors to suits, Scotchgard™ brand protectors strengthen the value to our customers’ products. Contact us to learn more about a brand partnership.

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