Pressure Washing

This service is known by a few different names; pressure cleaning, pressure washing, power washing and power wash. When needed this step is carried out prior to the window cleaning process. The reason for this is obvious; it is carried out before window washing is because water will get on the windows and undo most of the window cleaning efforts. Cleaning your home with a pressure washer can be a great complimentary service in addition to window washing and gutter cleaning. We use a high pressure stream of water to deep clean outside surfaces. This stream of water is carefully controlled by the technician based on the level of dirt and type of surface. These surfaces include wood siding, aluminum siding, concrete, wood decks, stucco, tile, composite roofs, tile roofs, painted surfaces and more. Dingy stucco can look brand new, painted siding will look clean, wood decks will look 10 years younger and gross concrete patios can look like the day they were poured. Our pressure washing service is done with great care, we have been doing it long enough to be able to tell you with confidence what kind of results you will have prior to the service. Some surfaces benefit greatly and some other stained surfaces don’t change much. High traffic stained concrete is a great example of a surface that sometimes does not show much improvement. Pressure cleaning your home siding, decks and other surfaces can drastically improve the curb appeal of your home. It can also make a home look newer. We are constantly getting calls from Realtors and/or customers who said their Realtor suggested a pressure wash before they put their home on the market. Once you get it done and see the benefit you will realize that it is money well spent. Please note that excessive water runoff from any property is not always permitted by the city. Water collection is sometimes necessary.

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